Audi Turnersville

3751 Route 42
Directions Turnersville, NJ 08012

  • Sales: (855)-474-2794
  • Service: (888) 694-5879
  • Parts: (888) 694-8591

Audi Turnersville Staff

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  • Eustace Mita
    General Manager
    (856) 649-7910

  • Drew Tyler
    General Sales Manager
    (856) 649-7941

  • Jim Aubry
    Sales Manager
    (856) 649-7933

    14 years in the Automotive Industry
    Married with 3 boys and 2 dogs
    Enjoys Cars, Football and Hockey
    Owns an Audi Q5

  • Tom Cataldi
    Finance Manager
    (856) 649-7934

    Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia
    Lives in South Philly with Girlfriend and 2 cats
    Been in the business 3 years
    Once ate a 3lb cheeseburger

  • Alexandra Sedlack
    Internet Sales Manager
    (856) 649-7919

    Been in the industry 7 years, still learning, and eager to grow.
    Lives in Turnersville with her fiance Glenn, and Corgi/Shiba Inu, Kira.
    Owns an Audi SQ5 and a Honda S2000.
    Attended Stockton College & Rowan University
    Enjoys making cakes, event planning, and decorating. Had her own cake business.
    Quote to live by: "Some people dream of success while others wake up and work for it".

  • Kathryn Bromiley
    Internet Sales Consultant
    (856) 649-7943

    Currently attending college awaiting graduation with a degree in Accounting.
    Favorite hobby is playing Volleyball
    Enjoys watching sports
    Owns an Audi A3

  • Gregg Lomazoff
    Audi Brand Specialist/Dealer Trade Manager
    (856) 649-7949

    10 years in the Auto Industry
    Hometown is Cherry Hill, NJ
    Owns an Audi SQ5
    Has his own music business
    Favorite Quote: "Win today, and we walk together forever"

  • Harris Shulman
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (856) 649-7942

    10 years in the Automotive Industry
    6 years with Audi
    Enjoys flying, photography, Eagles Football, and Flyers Hockey
    Likes to Travel
    Enjoys spending time with his family, and playing ball with his yellow lab Kayla

  • Chuck Eisler
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (856) 649-7944

    First started in the business in 1988
    Owned several bars & restaurants in Philadelphia
    Played College Football at Delaware
    Watch Collector
    Enjoys boating and golfing

  • Lou Stomel
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (856) 649-7937

    Started in the Auto Industry 10 years ago.
    Played D1 Hockey in college and Junior Team USA
    Enjoys working out and fitness.
    Has a 90lb. Pitbull named Rocko
    Loves Twizzlers
    Owns an Audi S5
    Wants to own a pet penguin 

  • Nahrin Borden
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (856) 649-7938

    Favorite Audis include A6s, A7s, and Q7s
    Hometown Philadelphia, PA
    Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
    Speaks 7 Languages
    Loves traveling, working out, tanning, and spending quality time with Family and Friends.

    Favorite Quote: 
    "Watch your thoughts, they become words.
      Watch your words, they become action.
      Watch your actions, they become habits. 
      Watch your habits, they become character.
      Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

  • Ken Thuan
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (856) 649-7946

  • Shannon Swift
    Administrative Assistant
    (856) 649-7901

    Been in the business 5 years; eager to learn and grow
    Currently going to school for medical billing
    Has a 3 year old dog, Mocha, who means the world to her!
    Loves being on the beach any chance she gets
    Favorite Quote "Here's to the little things that add up to everything" 

  • Scott Fuhrmann
    Service Manager
    (856) 649-7951

    20+ years in the Automotive Industry.
    Attended Rowan University.
    Lives in Egg Harbor Twp with beautiful wife Susie and 3 amazing children Emily, Joshua and Avarie.
    Hardcore Flyers and Eagles fan! 
    Favorite Quote - "When you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, the chicken makes a contribution, the pig makes a commitment." - Freddy "The Fog" Shero

  • Dana McClain
    Service Coordinator
    (856) 649-7991

    13+ yrs in the Automotive Industry
    Employed with Audi for 8+ years
    Recently Married
    Resides in Mays Landing with her 9 year old son

  • Mike Redding
    Service Coordinator
    (856) 649-7992

    3+ yrs with Turnersville AutoMall
    Favorite Audi is the S4
    Car Enthusiast
    Enjoys riding motocross
    Likes long walks on the beach

  • Frank Santelli
    (856) 649-7940

    Frank Santelli

    (856) 649-7940

  • 1+ yrs with Turnersville AutoMall
  • 6+ years experience in the Automotive Industry
  • Resident of Washington Township, NJ
  • Enjoys Golfing and spending time with his wife Joanne and Son Anthony and daughter Natalie
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  • Kathy Fisk
    (856) 516-6610

    35 Years in the Automobile Industry
    Hometown: Toms River, NJ
    Favorite Audi is a Q5