Why does the new Audi A3 still get recognized as a popular compact luxury car?

Put the all-new Audi A3 in reverse, then trust the Cross-Traffic Alert is working to keep you safe from hitting another vehicle. The sensors in that system are scanning far in both directions for a moving vehicle. and you get alerts to stop until that vehicle is clear, so you don't have an accident.

The reason the new Audi A3 can help avoid a collision risk is because the sensors in the Pre-Collision Assist feature are tracking the road ahead for any trouble. if a vehicle is on the road moving too slow or stopped, you'll get a flash warning to stop and then the system will pre-charge the brake system.

You will not only be impressed by these features and more when you test drive the new Audi A3 at Audi Turnersville, you'll want to own one too.

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