The Importance of Tire Balancing and Rotations

Having your tires balanced and rotated help extend the life of your tires and improves efficiency on the road. Your Audi was crafted for excellence, so keep it performing at its best. Audi Turnersville has factory-trained Audi technicians performing expert tire balances and rotations on new and late-model Audi vehicles. We have the skill and expertise to get all our Turnersville, NJ customers back on the road quickly. Our goal is to make sure your Audi is ready for the road when you are. We take pride in making sure you get the best out of your Audi for years to come. Whether you’re in an Audi Q8, Audi S5, or Audi A3, get your tires balanced and rotated right here at Audi Turnersville.

Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

When you have tires rotated here at Audi Turnersville, we take off each wheel and rotate from front to back, right to left. This ensures even wear on each tire to prevent a potential blowout. Having your tires rotated also improved fuel efficiency as well.

Is It Time to Have My Tires Balanced?

Our technicians also balance tires as well. We check the weight of each tire and wheel and, if needed, we attach small lead weights to even out your tires and wheels to make sure they are balanced. Having your tires balanced reduces steering-wheel vibrations and enhances drivetrain components.

Visit Audi Turnersville Today!

When you’re ready to have your tires balanced and rotated, make the short drive over to the service center at Audi Turnersville today.