Last spring, we blogged about Audi beginning research and development of Connected/Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology, abbreviated "C-V2X." This technology facilitates the sending and receiving of signals between a vehicle and its surroundings, including other vehicles and road users, construction zones, and traffic features like stop lights, crosswalks, and road signs. Of particular interest to Audi is how this emerging technology can be leveraged to protect vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians. Recently, Audi held demonstrations in Oceanside, California, presenting various C-V2X use cases and providing a glimpse of potential future technologies in Audi vehicles.

Audi aims to use C-V2X technology to help drivers recognize and respond to potential hazards more readily. During its Oceanside presentation, Audi demonstrated various use case scenarios, including:

  • Proximity Warning / Front & Rear Collision Warning: As a vehicle and cyclist near each other, the vehicle's instrument cluster displays a notification indicating where a collision could occur if no measures are taken.

  • Cross Traffic Alert: With this technology, the vehicle receives an alert that a bicycle is approaching on a potential collision path from either side.

  • Parallel Parking Departure Alert: When departing a curbside parking spot, the vehicle can detect and alert the driver to a cyclist approaching from the rear.

  • Right Turn Assist ("Right Hook"): When the driver activates the right turn indicator, the vehicle can warn if a cyclist's path may cross the vehicle's turn.

  • Left Turn Assist ("Left Cross"): When the left turn indicator is activated, the vehicle receives a notification if a cyclist approaching from the opposite direction will possibly cross through its turning path.

The 985 cyclist fatalities from 2020 to 2021 represented an uptick of five percent. Audi believes C-V2X has immense implications for reversing that trend and making roads safer for all users. Audi and other automakers and tech companies are awaiting an FCC ruling that will ensure the necessary wireless spectrum remains open for V2X implementation.

Audi has always held safety as a top priority and already implements a comprehensive array of advanced safety technologies across its lineup, including collision mitigation, pedestrian detection, and rear cross-traffic alert. If you'd like more information about the latest Audi models and available safety technologies, please reach out to Audi Turnersville at your convenience. If you'd like to get behind the wheel to explore the accommodations and features firsthand, we welcome you to visit our New Jersey Audi dealership for a test drive. We'll be happy to show you around.

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